Now that the NBA Finals are over, America can finally turn back to it's favorite summertime past time,  waiting for football season to start.  Until we get there though, let's talk Tigers, Pistons and why the guilty verdict in the Jerry Sandusky case should just be the beginning.

College Football: Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty of 45 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse

The monster that is known as Jerry Sandusky was finally found guilty of his crimes.  After decades of preying on children for his sick desires, Sandusky is behind bars and will never be let out.  After being found guilty of 45 cases of sexually abusing a child, Sandusky faces over 400 years behind bars.  The strength and bravery of the victims who came forth and testified against Sandusky is to be admired and essential to ending a sexual predator.

Maybe if officials, coaches, and other members of the Penn State Football program were half as brave, this child rapist would have been behind bars sooner.  The crimes that Sandusky committed are beyond horrific, but the fact that there was cover up and heads being turned is inexcusable.  It's disgusting that adults could know, or even suspect that something inappropriate was going on and chose to do nothing.

To my knowledge, the NCAA has not punished Penn State in any fashion, which is beyond ridiculous.  If the NCAA is going to hand out swift and severe punishments for practicing too much, merch for tatts, and other trivial breakings of rules, they better bring the hammer down for the sexual abuse of children.  If children being raped on a campus isn't evidence of "lack of institutional control" what is?

NBA: Detroit Pistons Pick 9th in 2012 Draft this Thursday

I've already laid out my thoughts on the Miami Heat and their championship, so there's no need to recap all of that.  Let's look forward to this Thursday, when the Pistons make the 9th selection in the 2012 NBA Draft.

This draft seems pretty predictable, with an obvious number one of Anthony Davis, and the next 5 spots being filled by some order of Brad Beal, Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist, Andre Drummond, Thomas Robinson, and Harrison Barnes.  The Pistons lay right out side of those top picks, but should still have the opportunity to add a quality player with their choice. One name I keep seeing come up for the Pistons is John Henson, a 6'10" Power Forward from North Carolina.  He'd match up good with Greg Monroe and plays really aggressive defense.  Another player for the Pistons to look at is Jeremy Lamb, who can shoot the rock and has a crazy 6'11" wingspan.

I really think people need to give the Pistons another shot, and that this year can be a big step in a rebuild.  A player that can create some offense and identity for the team is greatly needed and hopefully they'll add him on Thursday night.

MLB: Tigers Slowly Yet Surely Turning It Around

Truth be told, it's still really early, but you can only say that for so long.  Luckily, it looks like the Tigers are setting things straight, floating just a few games under .500.  Once they take care of getting over that hump, I have a feeling that things in the A.L. Central will wind up taking care of themselves.  Both the White Sox and Indians are playing better than what they really are, and eventually are going to fall on tough times.  The Tigers just need to remain within striking distance to pounce on the opportunity.  The Tigs open up a road series tonight against the Rangers, and picking up 1 of 3 should be considered acceptable.

Also, big ups to Quintin Berry.  Dude has been killing it.  11 for 11 on stolen bases with a .309 average.  Those are huge numbers!