It's funny how everyone can be bitching about the Tigers, but as soon as Justin Verlander gets out there and goes 8+ on a No-No and everybody is right back on board.  Thoughts on JV, why Matthew Stafford is the man, and why you should be cheering for the Pacers, even if one of them punched you in the face.

MLB: Justin Verlander almost throws no-hitter

It was close, but no cigar on Justin Verlander's third career no-hitter this past Friday night.  JV took the Tigers 8 innings with out a hit, but with one out in the ninth, the Pittsburgh Pirates finally got their sorry asses on base.  Of course the Tigers still went on to win, but the real story was the dominance of Verlander.  I mean the dude was chucking 90+ mph the entire game and he got the ball up over 100, even in the late innings.

People need to stop tripping about the Tigers.  You want them playing their best ball later in the year.  There is no prize for playing good baseball in May. Jimmy Smokes doesn't need to get fired, Fielder isn't going to flop, and everybody needs to just calm down.

NFL: Matthew Stafford donates Monday Night Football experience to child patient

The Lions have had their fair share of headaches this offseason, so I'm more than glad to report on something positive coming out of the organization.  Matthew Stafford is known to be a stand up guy and he proved it by his recent actions.  The Lions play Monday Night Football against the Bears this season, and Stafford donated tickets plus hotel and flight accommodations to the game to an auction raising money for University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

Stafford attended the auction with a young patient from the hospital, Faith Falzone and her family.  Stafford asked Faith's brother, Will what he would like from the auction.  Will replied he wanted to take his family to see Stafford play, so Stafford bid $15,000 on the prize that he donated to the auction and gave it the Falzones. Matt Staff was quoted,

They have been through so much in the past couple years, and to see how much they all supported each other and Faith through their tough times was really inspiring, I wanted to give them something they could really be excited about and something I know they deserved.

NBA: Pacers beating the Heat will be good for the NBA

I do not understand how anyone can be a fan of the Heat. I hate LeBron James, but I'm not a so called "LeBron hater".  I admit and accept the fact that the guy is one of best basketball players in the game, and the same can be said for Dwayne Wade.  What I can't stand is how these guys have brought this flopping, whining-to-the-ref, expecting everything to be handed to you style to the NBA.  They've cheapened my favorite pro sport and people who cheer for the suck.
The Pacers are the anti-Heat.  They have no stars.  Zero.  I watch a lot of basketball, and I just barely know these dudes.  Larry Bird is their GM and he is far and away the biggest star in the organization  They pass the ball, they rebound on offense, and they play a lot of guys.   Indiana isn't a destination spot like Miami, but they have one of the most rabid sports fan bases in the country.
What I'm saying is, Let's Go Pacers!  We all know about the Malice in the Palace, but that was a different era.  As Pistons and Basketball fans, we need to combine our forces against the Heat.  I don't care who wins the championship this year, as long as it isn't Miami.  The Pacers have solid chance to upset, as Chris Bosh is still out injured, leaving Miami with no answer for Pacers big man, Roy Hibbert.
The series is tied up at 2-2 and it continues in Miami on Tuesday.