Breathe in all the sports you can during the upcoming weeks, because it won't be long before basketball and hockey are over, and football season is still a long way away.  My thoughts on the NBA Conference Finals, a disappointing stretch for the Tigers, and the reemergence of Tiger Woods.

NBA: Tied Up Conference Finals

  • I never doubted Rajon Rondo, but the Celtics PG has established himself as one of the best in the NBA.  He's performed big time in big games throughout his career, and came up with 15 points and 15 assists last night in a must win game 4 for Boston.  Plus, he called out the flopping and whining that has been Miami's standard.  During an in game interview, ESPN's Doris Burke asked Rondo what holes he saw in Miami's defense, to which Rondo replied: "Them complaining and crying to the referees in transition."
  • Chris Bosh is rumored to be returning for Game 5, which is going to either make or break the Heat.  Bosh was an integral part of Miami's offense during the regular season, at least touching the ball on almost every offensive set.  The Heat have changed their style in his absence, so they'll have to change when he returns.  Plus Bosh will have some rust and conditioning issues, and the ab strain he suffers from is very easy to reinjure.  If he comes back and everything fits, see you in the Finals Heat.  If not, the old ass Celtics will be fighting for a ring, one more time.  I think Miami wins it in 7.
  • Kevin Durant played one of the best quarters of basketball I've ever seen on Saturday night.  In Oklahoma City, Durantula went off in the fourth quarter.  The dude looked like he could not miss.  Durant scored 16 points in five minutes and led the Thunder to a victory, tying up the series at 2 games apiece.  San Antonio is a tough, resilient, smart team, so for Durant to put up such a big performance showed how ready KD is for the next level.
  • If the Spurs want to put the Thunder away, then Manu Ginobili needs to seriously step his game up.  He's averaging 13.1 points per game in these playoffs, down from 20.6, 19.4, and 17.8 from each of the past three playoff runs.   Plus the dude is playing less than 25 minutes a game.  You know Tim Duncan is too old to be playing all those minutes, and Tony Parker can only do so much when he's matching up with Westbrook.  I still think the Spurs have it in 6.

Golf: Is Tiger Woods Back?


Tiger Woods has had a rough few years, after having rough sex with a few different sluts.  All of that seems to be behind him now, as it looks like Woods has finally recaptured his confidence.  Woods won the Memorial tournament on Sunday, nailing an insane chip shot on the 16th hole for a birdie.  The win at Memorial was Tiger's 73rd win, tying him for second in all time wins with Jack Nicklaus.  Woods will never be the dominate golfer he was in the early 2000's but he is looking to carry the momentum of the win into the USA Open, which is starting in about two weeks.

MLB: Mets Finally Pitch No-Hitter, No One Cares


The New York Mets have been around for over 50 years and 8,000 games, and they finally got their first no-hitter this week.  There was a BS call involved, and an unbelievable play from the outfield, but none of that really matters because Johan Santana got his no-hitter.  The thing is, nobody cares anymore.  I mean personally, I think it's pretty damn impressive to chew through 27 outs with out a hit, but they happen all the time in baseball.  Too often actually.  I know the steroid era killed offensive baseball, but these pitching battles are killing the game.

Quick note on the Tigers, I really don't know what to say.  They've been unwatchable recently, but don't give up.  There are still 100+ games left.  The Tigers have a lot of potential and hopefully they'll recognize it.

NHL: Tim Thomas Takes Next Year Off


Davison native and Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas confirmed rumors this weekend, that he would be taking next season off of the NHL.  Thomas announced his decision via his facebook page, and said he plans to take time off to reconnect with his family, friends, and faith.  Many are left wondering why Thomas, 38, doesn't just retire.  Thomas will miss his $5 million dollar salary this year and it's highly unlikely he would make a successful return to the Bruins at 40 after missing a year.

Thomas is known to be stubborn and defiant and he's had problems with Bruins higher ups in the past. There is speculation that may have something to do with the decision made.   It'll be interesting to see if this is the end of Timmy T's Hall Of Fame worthy career.


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