One of my all time favorite bands is the original line up of Guns N' Roses.

The first time I heard "Appetite For Destruction"  I was in awe.  Like it was the answer.  The answer to what?   I am not exactly sure.  I just knew I was listening to something special.

From there out I was obsessed.  I read everything I could about Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy.  As a matter of fact I thought I was Axl Rose.  I even had some of my senior pictures taken in a GNR t-shirt.   I had to have everything Guns N' Roses that Paradise Express carried; tapestries, pillows.  Even a kick ass clock.  Still have it all too.

It is always this time of year that I remember my Mom taking me into Paradise Express so I could pick out everything Guns N' Roses that I wanted for Christmas.  She would tell me every year that this would be "the last time for this", but it never was.  She realized I was not growing out of it.

Oddly enough, a few years ago I met Steven Adler across the street from Paradise Express, at the Machine Shop.  This year I was lucky enough to meet Slash.  As much as I wanted to tell both of them what they meant to me, I didn't.  I tried to play it cool but was basically freaking on the inside.  It isn't everyday that Slash knocks on your room door.  No funny business, just surprising us.   It worked.

I still crank up GNR whenever I play it on the air.  The power of music is pretty incredible.  It's crazy how a particular song or band adds to your life experiences.  One song can definitely take you back.

This year I am hoping for a Christmas miracle and Guns N' Roses reunites.  Ha!

Maybe I should just ask my Mom for another trip to Paradise Express.

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