A locked pool ladder cover that is designed to keep children and or kids out of a pool is not working (at least not with this kid). A family in Massachusetts filmed their 2-year-old son climbing a locked ladder gate. It is clear from watching the video if Cody's parents were not around - he would have made it into the pool.

Before you say - why weren't the parents watching him, they were. They kept filming to warn other parents about the ladder cover. I am not a parent, but do have nieces and nephews and seeing something like this is really frightening.

The first rule of preventing a pool catastrophe is by paying attention to your kids at all times. Know where they are. Another tip is to never leave toys in a pool when you are not in it. Think like a child/kid. If they see toys in a pool - they will more than likely go in after them. Common sense. Use it, people. I wish you all a safe and fun summer.