A new Guinness World Record was set over the weekend for the largest serving of nachos.

Members of the community of Las Cruces, New Mexico broke the world record for the largest serving of nachos by having a massive spread of all the goods. The record-breaking 5,030-pound nacho included 900 pounds of chips, 450 pounds of salsa, and 2,200 pounds of cheese, along with a mountain of ground beef, sour cream, beans, and jalapenos.

The community festivities were organized by city authorities along with support from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and all of the ingredients were locally-sourced. The 110-foot long-serving broke the previous record held by the University of Kansas' 2012  mega-nacho, which was over 80 feet long and just over 4,500 pounds.

The city is now waiting on the official word from Guinness as to whether they now own the record. Now I'm hungry. Who's down for some nachos?

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