Ok, so I may be a bit late this week and took last week off. What's important is that I'm here now to tell you what DVD to watch this weekend. This week I'm going with a newer movie than usual: MACHETE! 

If you're a chick I can tell you now that maybe you should watch some movie about travelling pants in the other room while your boyfriend and his buddies chug beer and watch Machete. You will hate it because it is a straight up balls deep dude's action movie. This is a new release on DVD and BluRay so it will cost you some coin but this movie has definite rewatchability value. Who gets tired of over the top violence like using a guys intestines to swing through a window like an effed up George of the jungle? Not this guy. I haven't even watched the movie outside of theaters but there are supposed to be a ton of cool extras on the disc like alternate story lines and deleted scenes, definitely worth your dollar. 

Robert Rodriguez has brought some of the most rediculously violent, gory, and hilarious moments to the screen (sometimes all in one scene) with films like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Planet Terror. Now he brings you the instant classic 70's throwback; Machete. Danny Trejo (who is a staple of any Rodriguez film) finally gets a starring role in an action film at the tender young age of 66. You know who he is even though you might not know the name, you probably know him as "that Mexican guy". Seriously, he has been Hollywood's token Mexican dude in more films than I care to remember. His age doesn't make the movie any less (or more) believable than it's supposed to be. Believability isn't what Machete is about, it's about just watching a fun (and funny) action movie. 

The movie was conceived originally as one of the fake trailers between Rodriguez' and Tarantino's double feature Grindhouse. There was such a demand from fans for the movie to get made, it actually did. The only problem being that they outlined the whole plot (not that a movie named Machete needs one) in the trailer. So Rodriguez overhauled the movie and added in some extra story elements and such. The movie is just pure fun but does try to hit you with a little bit too much plot. Plus Jessica Alba has one scene where she tries to rally the troops that is just awful, that aside; great fun is to be had. So grab some beer, maybe some tequila, a few friends, and pop Machete in the DVD/BluRay player and enjoy (you're welcome). You should probably drink every time someone says "Machete" and every time Steven Seagal is on screen (Yes, he is in the movie also). Check out the trailer that got it all started... 

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