Thinking about spending some time up north this summer? I mean REALLY up north - like - in Canada up north? Yeah, that trip's not looking good right now.

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According to ClickOnDetroit, the U.S. - Canadian shared border will remain closed for the time being to all but essential travelers - large bears, moose, Shania Twain and truck drivers delivering Molson Beer. The border has been closed to non-essential travel since March 18th and the re-opening keeps getting re-scheduled. It was scheduled to re-open sometime next week, but the border will now be closed until at least August 21st. According to the article, it's because Americans scare Canadians:

Most Canadians have been fearing a reopening. The U.S. has more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 than any country in the world while Canada has flattened the epidemic curve.

To Canada, I have two words: Justin Bieber. As the kids say, "Sorry, not sorry".

So, the border will remain closed except to essential business. It is a fact that Canadians get most of their food and all of their reruns of The Office and Friends from us.

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