It is really an awesome thing to see all of the changes going on in downtown Flint. To add to the improvements, the University of Michigan Pavilion has begun renovations as well. 

This is another place in Flint that I spent a lot of time at in my past. In between my college classes, I would usually head over to the pavilion to grab some pizza or Subway. It was a great place to hang out and kill some time. Now, the university is taking some steps to make it more inviting for people in the area.

For this project, some of the storefronts will be moved and the escalators will be removed. Sure, removing the escalators might be a little inconvenient, but they didn't always work when I was a student ten years ago anyway. From the Riverfront Restoration Project to changes right downtown, Flint has really taken a step in the right directions.

Source: ABC 12