Calling all hot sauce lovers, there is a new brand to try - that was born right here in Michigan. 'BOMBANANA' is a banana based hot sauce brand that was created by four University of Michigan graduates.

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According to MLive, company founders Jared Schacter, Grant Dukas, Jonny Moss, and Kevin Bhattacharyya put the idea of a hot sauce in motion while preparing your typical Taco Tuesday meal. What I am interested in is how in the heck did one of them, or all of them think - hey, let's try a banana base?

The answer is quite simple and brilliant. The team wanted to get away from using processed sugar, and banana is a natural sweetener. The hot sauce recipe was then  finalized in October of 2019. According to the BOMBANA website timeline, the next step was sharing bottles with friends and family. Obviously the reaction was positive because in January of 2020, they decided to create the business.

As of now, BOMBANANA is available in Michigan, Illinois, and New York. I did not see any stores in the Genesee County or Lapeer County area that are stocking BOMBANANA, but you can find bottles in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas, by clicking here. Another super convenient option is to order online, and have BOMBANANA shipped to your house.

There are two flavors available,

  • Original Recipe - featuring assorted chilies, bananas, and spice.
  • Muy Muy  - which is described as spicy and robust.

You can shop for sauces and additional merchandise here. I will definitely be ordering, let me know if you do too, and how you like it. Be sure to follow BOMBANANA on Instagram for additional information and updates.

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