Detroit is home to over 15,000 homeless people, and whether or not you like to think about it -- homeless people need love too. 

Above you can see stills from a video of two homeless people, taking the "skin train to bonetown" in Downtown Detroit. What has many locals concerned is that it was in broad daylight and about a block away from Comerica Park, which is considered one of the nicer areas of the constantly-improving city.

Since it was an exclusive video from Click on Detroit, we were only able to include the collection of stills above, but you can click here to see the censored video on their website.

The video was posted a few days ago, and Detroit Police have described it as "disturbing and very hard to watch." Huh huh. He said "hard."

We're guessing that stamping out this sort of thing will become a priority for police, as that area will begin to see a substantial uptick in traffic now that Tigers baseball is back underway. That kind of makes us wonder if anyone got to witness some "pre-game fireworks" on this opening day. We can hear the soothing sounds of Tim Allen's sweet Midwestern poetry now:

"The crisp bite of the snow in the air.
The sweet smell of drunken bros puking in an overcrowded gravel parking lot.
The inspiring sight of two hobos going crazy on each other's sexy business.
The bitter taste of a $9.50 Miller Lite.
The deafening roar of the crowd.

Opening Day at Comerica Park.
Detroit Tigers Baseball.
Pure Michigan."

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