In a statement yesterday, the Village of Birch Run addressed Halloween for this year. 

This year has been filled with so many ups and downs, we all feel like we are on a roller coaster. With many events in 2020 being cancelled due to COVID-19, many are looking to the future to see what else may or may not happen. Halloween is only a month and a half away and not too much has been said about it by officials.

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The Village of Birch Run, however, has released a statement saying that they do not have the authority to cancel Halloween and trick-or-treating.

Halloween and trick-or-treating is not a Village sanctioned event, but rather a nationally recognized holiday that occurs on October 31st. Other than announcing the suggested trick-or-treating hours (always 5:00pm - 7:00pm) so that it keeps some sense of order with the increased amount of pedestrian traffic that evening, the Village has no further involvement...said the Village of Birch run via a Public Notice.

While they have no legal authority to restrict the free movement of its residents, the decision comes down to individual parents and residents. Those who do decide to participate should follow the public health recommendations including masks, social distancing, and more.


Public Notice concerning Halloween and Trick-or-Treating in the Village...

Posted by Village of Birch Run, Michigan on Thursday, September 17, 2020

As a big fan of Halloween, I really appreciate the right to decide whether or not to participate. I fully understand that so people will agree with me and some people won't. That is totally okay...we can disagree. Personally I feel that we have more than enough ways to keep everyone that wants to participate safe, however, I think it is too early to tell what other communities and cities will do when it comes to the holiday.


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