The semi-finals are over and it's down to just six finalists for Mid-Michigan's favorite tattoo artist.

After opening the submission period last week, we received almost 5,000 nominations for Mid-Michigan's favorite installer of the ink. After painstakingly counting the results, we got it down to the 20 artists who received the lion's share of your nominations, then you voted it down to just 6 artists (semi-final voting results are at the bottom of the page).

Obviously, all of these artists are talented (otherwise, you wouldn't have nominated them), but there can only be one favorite. So you will need to help us decide who that is with your vote. The final round of voting is done completely on Facebook and is based on reacts. You only get one vote, so choose wisely. Whoever has the most votes (reacts) on the Banana's Facebook post Friday (10/20/17) at 12:30p is our winner.




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