As spring approaches, one thing people see (or hear) more frequently in the area are coyotes.

According to WXYZ, The Department of Natural Resources says coyotes are particularly visible during their breeding season, which runs from January through March. Sightings also can be expected in spring and summer, when they're caring for pups.

Every spring (and a bit in the summer) the coyotes behind my house are so freaking loud. I can hear those suckers regardless if the windows are open or not. There's a huge wooded area behind my house so that's the main reason why.

The DNR says coyotes are adaptable and will turn up in forests, fields, farmlands, backyards, neighborhoods and cities. They can become comfortable around humans when food is readily available. Don't keep pet food outside if possible.

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This is a good reminder to keep an eye your pets when they're in your yard especially when they're out for long periods of time. It's not extremely common but a coyote may snatch up your pet if the opportunity presents itself as an easy one. Urban coyotes have a fierce and formidable reputation as midnight predators that can and will stalk and kill our beloved pets, especially small dogs and outdoor cats.

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