Despite a sketchy outlook for us the last couple days, the constantly changing weather forecast for today is finally free of thunderstorms, and is looking good. Time to get out there and start tailgating, people.

This week's forecast has been all over the place. Early this week, today was supposed to be a scorcher... then it wasn't. For a few days it was calling for intermittent thunderstorms throughout the day. Now, thankfully, most weather services are predicting a pretty chill day, weather-wise.

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According to the Weather Channel, we're looking at temps in the high 70s / mid 80s for most of the day, with some cloud coverage, and thing dipping to the low 70s for the final few hours. I think we're all going to be pretty comfortable out there today. Not too cold, not too hot, not too sunny -- just right.

Even though it's not currently in the forecast, keep in mind that this is a rain or shine event. This thing is happening, guys. Rain or no rain. However, in the event of lightning in the area, we will have to move everyone indoors until we get the all clear, at which point the show will resume. Chances are pretty damn good we don't have to worry about that, but you know Michigan weather.

The parking lot is open, and the weather is looking good. Grab a cooler, a grill, some hot dogs, maybe some cornhole boards, and whatever else you maniacs need to tailgate, and let's do this! Gates open at 3p.

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