You may have to think, for a long time - but I hope you can recall at least one good thing that happened to you this year. Think back to January, February, and early March, anything good stand out?

If you had a baby, or were able to get married - those are good things. If you realized after being quarantined with your significant other for months, that you really don't belong together, that is also a good thing.

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We can all rattle off countless things that have sucked this year, I would just like to hear or read some positive things for a change. It may be a stretch, but I really hope to read a long list of positive comments.

Maybe you started a workout routine, and finally stuck to it. Did you quit smoking? I did not totally quit, but I have been smoking a lot less since I am not out at night anymore. I also was forced to learn to cook, and to my surprise (and my boyfriend Nick) - I am not too bad at it. I still order carry out, but I can make a mean turkey meatloaf.

I really hope something good did happen to you this year. If not, your days are numbered. I am kidding. The fact that you are still plugging away through all of this mess is a very good thing.

I know everything won't magically change for the better when the ball drops on New Years Eve, but I certainly hope the new year is full of many good things for you, and your family. I also hope we can go back to the Machine Shop soon. Happy New Year.

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