I saw a meme this morning on Facebook that got me thinking about the fact that I have lived in Michigan all of my life (except for a brief stay in Florida for 3 months) and I have not taken in everything our awesome state has to offer. We have some super cool destinations like the Motown Museum, the Soo Locks, Tahquamenon Falls (just to name a few) and I have not been to any of them.

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So here is the meme I saw - The Ultimate Michigan Bucket List. Yes, I noticed that Motown is misspelled.


So what about you? How many places on this list have you visited? I have been to the following spots on the list,

  1. Grand Rapids
  2. Traverse City
  3. Frankenmuth
  4. Mackinac Island

That's it - only four. I realize there are a lot more must see Michigan spots than what is on this particular list. I definitely think The Machine Shop should be on every music lovers Michigan Bucket List. What do you think should be on a Pure Michigan Bucket List?

We could actually do a destination bucket list and a separate food bucket list. There are so many great foods and beverages made right here in the Great Lakes State. Speaking of Great Lakes, have you been to all of them? I have not. I think I have only been to Lake Huron. Oh brother, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Michigan really does have it all, and it's high time I took in the sites and appreciated all that Michigan has to offer.

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