Gretchen Whitmer is scheduled to announce her plan for what school may looking like for kids this afternoon at 3 pm.

As we currently sit and enjoy summer, many parents are wondering how the upcoming school year will look for our kids. There have been so many ideas circulating and many of us don't know what to expect. Gretchen Whitmer will be addressing the state this afternoon at 3 pm with her plan for returning to school.

Whitmer established a task force to address the situation to hopefully bring the kids back to school in the fall. Her task force is made up of educators, community leaders, and scientists. Members of the task force include a Berrien County Health Officer, four members of Michigan Legislature, the Michigan Education Association, and more.

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Of the ideas I have heard about nationwide and kicked around by other parents include smaller class sizes, plastic dividers for desks, masks in the classroom, changes in the ways lunch is served, and much more. Even the number of days in the classroom versus school days taught online from home.

Personally, I hope the kids are able to return to school full time. My daughter and I were having a conversation the other day about school and the pandemic overall. I asked her what she wanted to see happen this fall and she really hopes they can all go back to school. Focus is a big part of that. She finds it easier to focus on school work in the classroom as opposed to at home. I 100% agree with her as I was the same way in school. I needed to be there and be hands-on and have a place to focus on work. My desk at home just wasn't the same. The other reason she wants to go back is that she really misses her friends. Most of the kids and parents I know are saying the same thing. I feel bad for the kids not being able to have that interaction.

So hopefully we will all be able to find some common ground in Whitmer's plan this afternoon at 3 pm.

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