We've all been there before, right? You're fresh off of a breakup and you want to get rid get rid of everything that reminds you of the relationship. Well, a woman in Texas just took that idea to the next level.

After 14 years of marriage come to an end, hosting friends and family for a divorce party where they watch you blow up your wedding dress seems like it could be extremely therapeutic. Yes, you read that right, the newly single Texan Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler disposed of her dress in dramatic fashion -- by stuffing it with Tannerite, the component they use to make those exploding shooting targets go boom.

The dress' death by 'splosion was smartly done on a farm, far away from anything that might catch fire. Reports say that the explosion was felt from miles away, but the biggest impact was felt by Kimberly herself. She said that the ritual helped give her closure, and that the feeling of squeezing the trigger was liberating.

I'd hate to see what she would have done if the divorce didn't go as planned.

Source: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando via YouTube

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