A housekeeper finishing up work on Friday ended up spending more time at work than she anticipated.

A 52-year-old housekeeper working in New York ended up working an unintentional extended weekend. The woman was taking care of a billionaire's townhouse in Manhattan and was using the elevator. Unfortunately, the elevator broke down and the woman was trapped. Apparently, some private elevators are not equipt with emergency exits or buttons. To make things worse, the townhouse owners were away for the weekend.

The housekeeper ended up being stuck alone in the elevator from Friday until Monday when firefighters were called. The rescue team was able to force the door to the elevator open and the woman was transported to the hospital.

Thankfully, the housekeeper is okay. However, if I was her, I would definitely be asking for a pay raise and a huge bonus for having gone through that ordeal.

Source: FBHW

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