Seeing this woman makes me feel bad about being stressed over a bad hair day. Most of us have heard that 'looks are not everything'. Yeah right!   We are all judged daily on our appearance. That being said, imagine what Li Hongfang goes through on a daily basis. Hongfang suffers from a bone cancer that causes tissue to grow, resulting in giant face tumors.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Ms. Hongfang is shunned in public.  How sad.  She cannot afford medical treatment so the tumors continue to grow.  The tumors started in 2001 and Hongfang ignored them.  What began as a patch of swelling on her forehead, has grown into seven facial tumors.  The health care system in China is not up standards and people cannot afford it or do not have access to proper care.

Hongfang is the mother of two boys and said, quote:

'I know that a lot of people see me as a monster but I am just a normal woman and mother inside.'

I hope this woman can get the help she needs and deserves to lead a better life.