Welcome to office, Mayor Neeley! Can you put this at the top of your list of things to do?

We all saw the pics online yesterday and couldn't believe it, myself included. I did a little bit of digging to make sure that this wasn't a pic from another place and another time that somebody was trying to pass off as current. Sadly, it's very real.

A man was driving down Elmridge Drive yesterday morning when a massive sinkhole opened up and swallowed his SUV. Residents in the neighborhood helped the man escape his vehicle, claiming that police and city workers were on site but did not help the man.

The front of his SUV was full of raw sewage. Yes, as in poop. His truck fell into a small lake of poop. Talk about a crappy drive into work. Even in a city that's known for potholes and bad water -- a supersized road crater filled with poo water is some real next-level treachery. Like, if Pennywise and Freddy Krueger were city planners even their nightmarish metropolis wouldn't have something this awful.

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