BAT FIGHT!: A Game Of Honor And Diplomacy
Paper, Rock, Scissors is for 3rd graders and little girls, flipping a coin is for your grandma and her bridge club partners. Next time you need to break a tie or settle an argument, be classy and settle it with the gentleman's game.
Velvet Revolver’s New Singer Update
A couple of weeks ago I told you about VR's Matt Sorum spilling the beans (sort of) on their search for a new frontman. The band has released even more details on the future of the "supergroup".
Tree’s Movie Of The Week
Ok, so I may be a bit late this week and took last week off. What's important is that I'm here now to tell you what DVD to watch this weekend. This week I'm going with a newer movie than usual: MACHETE!
Treeview: The Fighter
It's been a long time since I have sat through a boxing movie I actually enjoyed, the last one being either Rocky IV or Diggstown. I enjoyed watching The Fighter but calling it a "boxing movie" may be a bit of a stretch.
The Year End Edition Of The Dirty 30
2010 is over but tonight on the dirty 30 I'll be looking back at the year that was. Want to see how your favorite song stacked up to the rest of the competition last year? Tune in tonight @ 7:30p for the top 30 songs of 2010.

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