When a celebrity talks publicly about being a metalhead, it’s a win for all of us. As pop stars and mumble rappers continue to be showered with media attention, every metal mention stands out like a guttural vocal at a farmers market, so we collected 10 of them for this Loud List.

As if Margot Robbie didn’t already gain favor from metalheads for playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, she landed even more cred by shouting out Silverstein, Bullet for My Valentine and Slipknot while guesting on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While being interviewed by Fallon, Robbie called the Slipknot show she attended “probably the best concert I’ve ever gone to.” Robbie continued, “Even if you don’t like metal, I think you’d appreciate a Slipknot concert, because it’s incredible to watch.”

Who knew that pop princess Demi Lovato grew up listening to deathcore? During an interview with Front Row Live Entertainment, Lovato spoke about Job for a Cowboy and Bring Me the Horizon as bands she continues to revisit. The “Sober” singer also reminisced about seeing Unearth and Dimmu Borgir live — headbanging the whole time, losing a shoe in the pit and crowdsurfing to the stage. Much respect.

During the lifetime of iconic actor Sir Christopher Lee, he didn’t just love heavy metal — he sang it. Along with his own heavy metal records, Lee sang with Rhapsody on “The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream” and provided an epic spoken-word performance for Manowar’s “Dark Avenger.”

Check out Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, Kat Von D and more in these 10 Awesome Celebrity Metalheads in the Loud List above.

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