As we all know, the big game is tonight!  The NCAA Championship -- Michigan VS. Louisville.  I am a huge Michigan fan and a Michigan victory tonight will have money raining down upon me.  For all my State friends and enemies, here is a list of things to do to keep you occupied tonight in case you don't have a babysitter.

  • 1

    Stop crying

    Your season is over, deal with it.  At least you made it farther than Gonzaga.

  • 2

    Apply for a job at the New York Times

  • 3

    Pick up an extra shift tonight

    There will be a lot of households ordering pizza tonight.  You might even get a bigger tip if you yell "Go Blue!" when they come to the door to pay you.

  • 4

    Take some time to study

    With a little hard work and concentration your transfer application to UofM might be accepted.

  • 5

    Gather with your fellow State fans to talk about how much Michigan sucks

    You'll have to find other State fans because all the Michigan fans will be too busy watching the CHAMPIONSHIP game!

  • 6

    Yell out "No Blue" or "Go Green"

    That may sound stupid but I know this is going to happen.  Even though we appreciate such eloquent and deep statements, save the display of your awesome education for later.

  • 7

    Tell us more about how you root for MSU and any other team playing Michigan

    Way to show pride in your state.  Enjoy being an honorary cardinal tonight, losers.

  • 8

    Catch up on 'The Walking Dead'

    Seriously, the zombies on this show move so slow, even your defense could keep up with them.

  • 9

    Talk about how you're going to beat our ass next year

    Yada Yada Yada, Blah Blah Blah.  How about we live in the present where the Wolverines are in the Championship and the Spartans are crying into their PBR.

  • 10

    Tell me how much of a dick I am for posting this and want to fight me for it

    This one is pretty much self-explanatory (even for Spartans.) GO BLUE!!!