Tomorrow (Sept. 18) marks the 48th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix, the pound-for-pound greatest guitar player to ever strap an axe around his shoulder. Gone too soon at the age of 27, here are some of the most incredible and memorable moments of Hendrix’s life.

Out of these “unforgettable moments,” we started our video compilation with a clip you may have never seen before. Previous to Hendrix’s iconic career with the Experience, he was a fairly prolific R&B backing musician, playing for Don Covay, Curtis Knight and McGough & McGear. Hendrix even made his first TV appearance playing guitar for Buddy & Stacy, which you’ll see in this Loud List.

Of course, Hendrix’s most iconic guitar moments grace this list, including the almighty rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” his “Hey Joe” teeth solo and lighting his guitar on fire at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. However, we also included a more rare guitar moment, which is one of the only known recordings of Hendrix actually wielding an acoustic.

Hendrix participated in some wildly entertaining “home videos,” including one featured in the Rainbow Bridge film. After smoking some weed and partaking in some adult beverages, Jimi went on a hilarious rant after being asked if he’s ever had an out-of-body experience. We can’t even begin to describe the scene painted by Jimi’s words, so we’ll let you take the ride yourselves.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Jimi Hendrix Moments in the Loud List above.

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