There are infinite unforgettable moments from the Metal Gods, Judas Priest, but we’ve compiled 10 essential ones for this Loud List!

We start this list with a clip of Judas Priest back when they still dressed like Led Zeppelin. In one of the earliest known filmed performances of Priest, the band tackled “Deceiver” live on TV. And this is most definitely the last time you’ll be seeing Rob Halford with long hair.

Another chapter of Priest’s history is the famous subliminal message trail they faced for the track “Better By You Better Than Me.” After a fan of the band committed suicide while listening to the band, a case was made against the Metal Gods that they had placed the message “do it” backwards in the song. In a moment of genius, Rob Halford went back to Priest’s discography and played other cuts backwards. He was able to find something that sounded like, “I asked her for a peppermint. I asked for her to get one,” and once he had pointed out the phrase, he proved to the court you could hear just about anything thanks to the power of suggestion.

Rob Halford coming out as gay was another game-changing moment not just for Judas Priest, but for the entire metal world. Taking place in the late ‘90s, Halford was an early public figure to come out of the closet and perhaps the first prominent metal musician to do so. The brave act proved to be a rewarding one, as the metal community embraced Halford’s sexuality. Along with unloading the weight of his secret, Halford wanted to help other young people who were struggling with their identity, which he certainly did.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Judas Priest Moments in the Loud List above!

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