Two young kids were found early this morning alone in a motel on the Lodge Freeway service drive near 8 Mile Road. The police are now desperately searching for their parents.

The children that are both under the age of two were found at Cranbrook Motel after a man was shot walking through the parking lot. He heard people arguing then shots were fired and the man was struck but is expected to be okay. According to WDIV, police found a bullet hole in one of the motel room’s windows. They then found two children alone.

At the moment police are trying to figure out what happened at the hotel and where the children's parents are. If anyone has information or recognizes the children, they're' asked to contact the Detroit Police Department.

Normally we get stories of children that are missing not stories of their parents that are missing. This is a bizarre story that we'll watch closely and pass along any information as it becomes available.