It has been announced that 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is set to be rebooted again after Fred Krueger already received a subpar makeover in 2010. We decided to help the often clueless-to-what-the-fans-want studio by pitching some ideas that don't totally suck... but are still slightly suck-ish.

I saw the original 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' when I was roughly 5 years old. Not only was it one of the most terrifying films released up until that point, it also screwed my childhood up for several years after. My teenage neighbor caught wind of this and would often whisper "Freddy's gonna get you" through the fence. It took me a while to get over all of the psycholgical baggage that came along with my introduction to Mr. Krueger, but once I did -- a lifelong horror movie fan was born.

In my opinion, the original film was the best. Some will tell you 'Dream Warriors' is where it's at, but those people are a--holes. 'Dream Warriors' was legit, but that was the beginning of Slapstick Freddy, which slowly destroyed the series. The first film is the only one that still holds up upon rewatching today... well, everything except the 1980's made for TV movie feel parts of the movie have and this now awful-looking scene below.

So why would they remake a perfectly fine and still terrifying horror classic? Because Hollywood hates you. Okay, but why would they remake it again just five years later? Because f--- your money -- that's why.

Since this almost certain-disaster that I'll still pay to see is headed our way, I've decided to pitch some of my best ideas (seen in the gallery above) for a reboot that may not suck to New Line Cinema. These aren't perfect, but it's a second reboot... third if you count 'New Nightmare.' There's only so much potential here.

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