A 9-year-old girl from Detroit was killed earlier this week after she was attacked by three dogs.

According to WDIV, Emma Hernandez died Monday after three pit bulls escaped from a nearby yard and attacked her as she rode her bicycle near her home in Southwest Detroit.

Neighbors tried to help as they saw the little girl being attacked but they were unsuccessful.

This is a very difficult time for the family who are absolutely shocked by what had happened. Even Detroit police Capt. Russell was having a hard time fighting back his tears, he said: "It's tough, real tough. We're talking about a 9-year-old girl who was just out there playing, and now she's not here."

The dog's owner was taken into custody and rightfully so. You can't have vicious dogs like this in a neighborhood where kids play. I know pit bulls in general always get a bad rap which isn't fair. At the end of the day, it boils down to the owners and how they were handling and training the dogs.

Source: WDIV

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