Being an Amazon Prime member keeps on getting better and better as they plan on offering 1-day delivery for Prime member in the near future.

According to WNEM,  Amazon hopes that cutting delivery times in half will make its $119-a year Prime membership more attractive since every other online store offers free deliveries in two days. Amazon also can't compete with Walmart and Target, where ordering online and picking up at a store is becoming more popular with shoppers.

I saw on the news this morning that they plan on spending $800 million in their second quarter to kick their deliveries into high gear.

I love the idea of getting my stuff in one day, that's amazing to me especially since I do most of my shopping with Amazon. My girlfriend will do backflips when she hears the news since she has a serious shopping problem lol.

No word when the new change will go into effect.

Source: WNEM 

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