This home would be a hell of a place to throw a party!

A three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is on the market right now in Ann Arbor, Michigan that has huge potential to become a party pad. It has an inground pool and several places to serve up some drinks to friends.

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The only downside to this party palace is that it will set you back $650,000. Located on Anns Way in Ann Arbor, this home just needs a little paint and a few barrels of chlorine and you'll be partying in no time.

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When I first looked at the pictures of this home, I could immediately picture this place in a movie. This has the perfect setup for a James Bond film where the villain throws a party that 007 obviously infiltrates. Bond and the villain meet and exchange the typical "I know that you know that I know that you know that you are a criminal mastermind up to no good and I'm going to stop you" conversation. After that, Bond will of course take out a few henchmen and leave at least one face down in the pool.

The inside of the home is "weird" for lack of a better term. I love the big trees that are growing inside and the unique layout. However, those bathrooms seem like they could give you vertigo real quick.

Check it out for yourself. Also, who installs a stove in the living room? I'm sure it would be handy for game day but doesn't seem very practical outside of that.

Source: Redfin

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