Two former Flint residents that don't know each but were both in town over the weekend experienced a bit of car trouble after getting gas at the Citgo on Ballenger Highway.

Both of these guys were in Flint from out of state for the holidays and both got some bad gas. I should rephrase that, they got a bad batch of gasoline from Citgo.

According to ABC12, Cameron Logan and Quinton Swift say their cars broke down after fueling up at a Citgo gas station on Ballenger Highway between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

Apparently, there was too much water in the gas which can cause some serious damage to a vehicle.

Now, these poor guys have to travel back and forth from Atlanta to Flint and from Pennsylvania to Flint just to get their cars back from the repair shop.

From what I understand from the video below, it was only the premium gas that had the issues and the owner shut off the premium gas pumps as soon as he learned of the trouble.