The Banana 101.5 Bad Bowlers League returns to Grand Blanc Lanes on Wednesday, September 5th! Is your team signed up?

As some of you may have noticed, the internets decided to fight back when teams tried to sign up this year. We believe we have fixed the problem on the sign-up page, but just to be sure, double check and make sure your team name is listed below. If you don't see it, then we don't have your team in for this season. Sign up again here. 

If you do see your team below, you are all set and we will see you on September 5th at Grand Blanc Lanes.

Banana 101.5 Bad Bowlers League Teams, so far:

  1. Southside Slammers
  2. Gutter Fabulous
  3. Balls Deep
  4. Bowling4Beers#Amazing
  5. Bi-Polar Rollers
  6. Tree
  7. Brew Dogs
  8. Three Pins and a Split
  9. Rolling Budz
  10. High Rollers
  11. Kiss My Average!
  12. Shockers
  13. 711
  14. Us & Them
  15. Disposable Heroes
  16. Rolling Stoners
  17. Boobs Galore
  18. Let’s Roll One
  19. We Lose We Booze!
  20. Gutt-er-Done
  21. Livin’ on a Spare
  22. The Bangers
  23. 3 Dicks n a Chick
  24. Pinnin’ Ain’t Easy
  25. The Expendables
  26. Fricken Ten Pin
  27. Fireballerz
  28. Gutter Ballers
  29. Hot Mess
  30. Pin Ups
  31. The More I Drink, The Easier To Go Down
  32. Foxie Ladies
  33. Uncle Keith & the Bowling Stones
  34. Beef Eaters
  35. Split Happens
  36. Welovebeer
  37. 2 Legit 2 Split
  38. The Big Fernelius
  39. The Disturbed Ones

As you can see, the league is filling up fast. We only have room for 44 teams of four, so get in on this before it is too late!

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