They can’t all be trve cvlt. In this Loud List, we take a look through black metal history to point and laugh at some legendary fails.

Jonus Akerlund has directed some incredible works throughout the decades, but to many black metal fans, Lords of Chaos was a rare miss. Despite being a member of Bathory for a year, critics noted that Akerlund’s portrayal of Mayhem was inaccurate and far too emo for metal’s most frostbitten genre. Lords of Chaos currently holds a 6.5 on IMDb.

Even metalheads who hate black metal have grown a deep appreciation for Azazel. The band’s 2017 performance at Steelfest went viral thanks to a complete failure to play their instruments and having a combined blood alcohol level that could kill a blue whale. It’s simply fantastic and one of the greatest fails in metal history.

Of course we put one of our favorite YouTube videos of all time in this compilation. If only we could get a corpse painted teen to scream Naglfar on national TV. Anyway, what could have been an iconic trolling backfired on this metalhead, as his voice gave out after just a few measures. He bravely continued until his throat could take no more, but he’s still a legend in our hearts.

Check out the 10 Cringiest Black Metal Fails ov All Time in the Loud List above.

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