You see Michiganders always eating while driving and you probably never give it a second thought.

Over the years you've probably encountered someone that has said that it's illegal to eat while driving. More than likely you laughed at them because it sounds kind of nuts. I mean, everybody eats while they're driving.

The question some people are wondering is whether or not you can get a ticket for eating while driving. It might seem like a stupid question but there are a lot of people that don't know the answer to it.

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Can You Get a Ticket for Eating While Driving?

Simply put, the answer to this question is no. You cannot get a ticket for the action of eating and driving your car. The state of Michigan doesn't prohibit you from doing this.

However, you could get a ticket for distracted driving or careless driving if you're driving dangerously while eating. If you're eating and swerving all over the road and putting others in danger, you could definitely get a ticket for that.

According to a national insurance company and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you’re up to 80% more likely to cause an accident when you’re eating and driving.

If you have a soda in one, a burger in the other, and you're reaching for fries at the same time, you've just increased your chances of getting into an accident.

One time I saw some guy eating a bowl of cereal while he was driving. For real, a bowl of freaking cereal. As you can imagine, that guy was all over the road.

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If you're going to eat while driving, just be safe about it. If you drop a fry on the floor, let it go, my friend.

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