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Last week we told you about the CDC's suggestions for a safer Halloween. Their suggestions included skipping trick or treating this year and to avoid parties.

Much like their Halloween tips, they're now offering tips to stay safe for Thanksgiving with different risk levels for a variety of activities. Much like before, they offer some really lame ideas to avoid gatherings.

Even though the majority of this is common sense, here's a list of activities ranked from a low-risk level to a high-risk level.

Low-Risk Activities:

  • Having a small dinner with only people who live in your household.
  • Preparing traditional family recipes for family and neighbors, especially those at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, and delivering them in a way that doesn’t involve contact with others.
  • Having a virtual dinner and sharing recipes with friends and family (super lame).
  • Shopping online rather than in person on the day after Thanksgiving or the next Monday.
  • Watching sports events, parades, and movies from home.

Moderate Risk Activities:

  • Having a small outdoor dinner with family and friends who live in your community
    • Lower your risk by following CDC’s recommendations on hosting gatherings or cook-outs.
  • Visiting pumpkin patches or orchards where people use hand sanitizer before .touching pumpkins or picking apples, wearing masks is encouraged or enforced, and people are able to maintain social distancing.
  • Attending a small outdoor sports events with safety precautions in place.

High-Risk Activities:

  • Going shopping in crowded stores just before, on, or after Thanksgiving.
  • Participating or being a spectator at a crowded race.
  • Attending crowded parades.
  • Using alcohol or drugs, which can cloud judgement and increase risky behaviors.
  • Attending large indoor gatherings with people from outside of your household.

At the end of the day, do whatever you want to do just be smart about it.

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