Cops & Robbers Ice Cream & Gifts, in downtown Flushing, is looking to take the ice cream on the road. Currently, they are the only year-round such ice cream place in Genesee County. 

If you haven't been to this little gem in Flushing, it is worth a trip. My daughter absolutely loves it there and so do many kids. From birthday parties to just needing some cooling deliciousness, this place hits the spot.

Now the owner, Jennifer McDermott, is looking to do a little expansion. They have decided to try and raise funds to put a mobile ice cream parlor out on the roads of Genesee County. I think this is a great idea for two reasons. First, I always root for and want local businesses to succeed. Second, if my daughter and I can get our ice cream fix when they roll through Grand Blanc, that would save me the trouble of driving out to Flushing.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook if you want to make this "Paddy Wagon" come to life.

With so many businesses going mobile, I just need a mobile driving range to hit my neighborhood and I'll never leave home again.

Source: ABC 12