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If you're a kid living in Michigan, you live for snow days in the winter. Well, thanks to the coronavirus and forced virtually learning, taking a snow day may be a thing of the past. At least during the pandemic anyway.

According to WNEM, Bill DiSessa, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Education, said the state’s guidance on snow days remains the same for students attending classes in-person. But students learning remotely won't be as lucky because he said the department does not expect requests for snow days for online classes.

With enough notice, Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Beal said staff can plan for students to finish schoolwork at home.

Jeff Beal:

If we know in advance that a storm is coming, we will probably plan for a virtual day. But in the event that the road conditions are unexpectedly dangerous in the morning, we may need to call a snow day which would include both in-school and those students that are at home.

What about post-pandemic when things return to normal? Would kids still need to have snow days? If planned properly, you would think they'd be able to attend school virtually. If it was a last-minute situation it might be a bit more challenging to plan for online learning but if the school knew in advance that a major storm was coming, they could prepare for it. After dealing with all this crap during the pandemic, I think it's something that could happen in the future.

Personally, I think things should remain the same as years past. Who doesn't love a snow day? I think teachers and students would agree.

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