If you have a hard time getting your girl or guy to have sex on the ground, then this super sexed up couple will really piss you off.  Porn star and weekend sky dive instructor (yep those are his jobs), Alex Torres filmed himself and a co-worker having sex while skydiving.  Makes the missionary position sound pretty lame huh?

Torres and his partner, Hope Howell filmed the act in the morning thinking no one would be disturbed and no public nudity complaints would be filed.  That being said, Torres posted the video on his blog.  So basically they did not want to be arrested, they could care less if people see them.  The guy is a porn star for crying out loud.  Ms. Howell however is not, she is the receptionist at Skydive Taft where the two work.

The Huffington Post is reports that is not illegal to have sex in a private plane, an FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said, quote:

"Any activity that could distract the pilot while he's flying could be a violation of federal regulations"

I know what your thinking, they did the act in the air.  But think about it, I am sure there was some "prepping" inside the plane before they jumped.

The video has since been removed from Torres' blog but you can see a portion of it below.  As far as Mr. Sky Diving Porn Star goes, well he has been fired from Skydive Taft.  The participating receptionist however has not been fired as of yet.  That doesn't seem fair.  They should keep both employee's and change the business name to "Skydive Shaft".  Everyone loves a good jump, right?

This video may be NSFW.

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