Well, whether you want to believe it or not, the first day of summer is tomorrow. To celebrate, Dairy Queen is hooking you up with free ice cream.

I am pretty sure we are all in need of some summer weather. Even the sun has been hiding from us for almost a full year. For 11 straight months, we have had more cloudy days than sunny days. I don't even think I saw the sun in November.

It is even worse if you play any sort of summer sport. Every Wednesday before the Banana Bad Golfers League we seem to get rain. Even last night, it rained for a good hour before we played and it was just brutal. Puddles everywhere.

Tomorrow though, the weather is supposed to be beautiful and it's the first day of summer. Enjoy it while it's here and get some free ice cream. You can get the coupon for a free ice cream cone on Dairy Queen's mobile app. You're welcome.

Source: MLive

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