Seriously, I haven't seen something this Canadian since the last time I watched 'Strange Brew.' 

Surveillance cameras captured the unusual occurrence that took place this week at a Canadian gas station in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Sure, we have a ton of deer in the states, but how often do you see three of them run into the gas station and start a circle pit? Never.

I laughed out loud every time the deer tried to run through the window. That looked like it hurt, but don't feel too bad aboot it. All of them have free health care.

The only way this video could be more Canadian is if the deer were wearing vintage Quebec Nordique hockey sweaters, drinking Molsons, and saying "Soree" every time they bump into something.

Editor's Note: At this time we cannot confirm nor deny that the deer were protesting the new Nickelback album. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

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