A new dog park coming to Detroit will have dog owners and non-dog owners jumping for joy. It's like nothing you've ever seen before.

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Barkside is 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space that will be dedicated to dogs and humans. Dogs will be able to roam free while their owners enjoy craft beers, wine, and spritzers. There will also be beverage options for non-drinkers as well including coffee.

According to The Detroit News, David Oh and Cody Williams, both Michigan State University finance graduates and dog owners from Detroit, created Barkside.

Barkside Co-Owner, Cody Williams:

We don’t want to take ourselves too seriously, we want to have fun with it. Myself and David, we’re both dog owners, I have two, he has one. This was really born out of us taking our dogs to the dog park almost as a chore … the human interaction at a dog park is minimal. There’s a bench, if you’re lucky. We wanted to create a space that was really fun and you could meet friends there.

Will My Dog Be Safe at Barkside?

If you're concerned about an all-out dog brawl, don't be. Barkside will have trained professionals to ensure the dogs are on their best behavior, maybe humans too.

If you'd like to take your dog to Barkside, keep in mind that your furry friend must be registered and up to date on their vaccinations.

Where Will Barkside Be Located?

Barkside will be located in Detroit’s West Village neighborhood at 7960 Kercheval Ave.

When Will Barside Open Its Doors?

They haven't given an exact date as to when they will open. They say that they plan to open in the latter part of the summer, possibly in August or September.

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