Less than three years ago, 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun was tortured and beaten to death by his mother's drug-dealing, live-in boyfriend Brandon Hayes. In the new book "I Didn't Kill My Baby", written by Laura Schupbach Oullette, Dominick's mother Corrine Baker claims that she is not responsible for her sons death. Baker believes that despite ignoring his cries for help and failing to protect or seek help for Dominick, she carry's no fault because she, herself didn't physically harm the child.

Many are opposed to the book feeling it's a shame that profit is being made from such a tragedy. There is even an on-line petition to stop the books release. There are a fair number on both sides of the guilty/not guilty coins. Could she have done more? Was she a victim? Is indifference to evil as bad as the evil itself?

[Source: minbcnews.com]