One of the most disgusting cases of child abuse in the history of Genesee County is finally being answered for as Dominick Calhoun's mother, Corrine Baker, has plead guilty in his murder trial.

Dominick Calhoun was a 4 year old who was reportedly beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend, Brandon Hayes, at their apartment in Argentine Township. This isn't an easy case to hear about, let alone be a witness to. I can't imagine how someone could do something so vicious to a child and furthermore, how a mother could stand by while it happens.


It is for that exact reason that Calhoun's mother, Corrine Baker, has plead guilty to second degree murder and second degree child abuse. Baker will most likely spend somewhere between 13 and 30 years in prison as her former boyfriend faces eight felonies including murder, torture, and child abuse charges.

Brandon Hayes will head to trial to face his charges on September 7th.

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Do you think that 13 - 30 years is enough?