Corrine Baker's attempt to withdraw her guilty plea to charges stemming from the 2010 murder of her 4-year old son, Dominick Calhoun, was denied by a Genesee Chief Circuit Judge earlier today (June 25th).

Everybody in Flint remembers the horrible murder of 4-year old Dominick Calhoun, who died from injuries he sustained from being beaten by him mother's boyfriend, Brandon Hayes. There isn't very much sympathy around Flint for a mother who would let someone do that to her son and Baker was instantly vilified by the public. The public hatred grew even stronger after it was discovered she may profit from the book 'I Didn't Kill My Baby.' So it's not much of a surprise that her recent attempt to have her guilty plea thrown out was denied by the judge, I wouldn't want to be remembered as the judge that incited a riot either.

According to MLive, Baker claimed that her attorney in the murder trial, Erwin F. Meiers III, informed her that the only way she could testify against Hayes was if she plead guilty to second degree murder and second degree child abuse charges. Obviously, that was not the case, as our right to testify without a plea is guaranteed by the Constitution. Apparently, Baker is more concerned with selling books than reading them.

In order for Genesee Chief Circuit Judge Richard Yuille to throw out the plea, Baker's lawyer had to make a compelling argument that, without the guilty plea, the outcome of her case would have been different. Guilty plea or no, there wasn't a snowball's chance in Hell of her walking away with less than what she received. Even the judge implied that her initial sentencing was too lenient. "It is in my opinion that she did receive favorable treatment [with a plea agreement]," said Judge Yuille. "I really don't know what motivated Ms. Baker to be here today. But I do believe that after all the proceedings in this case, that her motivation has been her self interest instead of in the interest of Dominick."

Ultimately, Judge Yuille denied the motion to withdraw the plea agreement and Baker will now continue serving her 13 - 34 year sentence in the Huron Valley Women's Center.