The tragic story of Dominick Calhoun is one that horrified good people in Mid-Michigan and across the globe. A 4-year old boy tortured and beaten to death by his mother's drug-dealing boyfriend while the mother stood by and did nothing to stop it. Both the boyfriend, Brandon Hayes, and the mother, Corrine Baker, are now in prison -- a punishment that many believe is too light for such a heinous crime.

Almost three years later, former Michigan resident and friend of Baker, Laura Ouellette plans to tell Corrine's story in the book 'I Didn't Kill My Baby.' The author spoke to ABC12 yesterday about her relationship with Baker, saying she met her at Dominick's funeral and "ministered to her for a few hours in the afternoon, shared the love of Christ with her and led her to Jesus that day." Isn't that convenient.


"I always think, with understanding comes compassion," said Ouellette. "I think if people understood the whole life leading up to Dominick's death, there possibly could come some understanding." She also told the interviewer that a portion of the proceeds from the book would go to help women like Corrine Baker, possibly when they transition from prison back into the world. If you want to keep that from happening, there is a link to the petition to stop the sale of the book below.

The book has drawn a strong reaction from the community, here's a sampling of some of the reactions on the Banana 101.5 Facebook page:

The only thing I'll ever support from this tragedy is Dominicks Law. The only thing from or about Corrine Baker I'll ever read is an obituary. Just sayin.

She had way too many opportunities to report the happenings, do not buy this book.

She didn't lay a hand on him, but she didn't protect him either. His blood is on her hands as well. She should suffer the rest of her existence.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI