The pot was up to $600 with Dumber That Joe Trivia today. Jeff, from West Michigan, jumped in the hot seat to compete.

You can always win cash money with Dumber Than The Show Trivia every morning on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. The Questions today were:

  1. Out of 5, 25, 50, or 100 miles, what is the longest lengths lightning strikes can reach?
  2. In six of the first seven Winter Olympics, Canadian teams took the gold in what sport?
  3. Since Pluto is not a planet anymore, which planet is now furthest from the Sun?
  4. Mysterious circumstances led to this poets 1894 death in Baltimore?
  5. What is the five card game with ante but no uncle?

Both Jeff and Joe seemed to breeze through the questions. It came down to a 3-3 game and they had to go to the time to break the tie. Find out here both the answers to the questions and who won.