Tuesday night's storm was definitely a vicious one causing a Durand family to have a terrifying night.

Nancy Rathbun and her husband were camping in Arenac County Tuesday night when the storm rolled in. Just as the storm was getting out of control they decided to head to a storm shelter nearby but unfortunately, they were too late.

The storm picked up and sent two trees crashing down on their camper. When that happened, Nancy was temporarily trapped in the camper. Her husband and two others were able to free her from the rubble by ripping off the side of the camper. Amazingly, she escaped the ordeal without any serious injuries.

As for the damage, it wasn't just their camper that was destroyed. The trees that fell also messed up her car, as well as a camper right next to them. The next morning, many people at the campground were pitching in to help get them back on their feet.

Source: ABC 12