A family in Durand had a very tragic event happen to them a few weeks ago. After a fire at their home, most of their belongings and possessions were destroyed. I can't even begin to imagine that heartache. 

Thankfully, their community was there to help. After the news spread, many families jumped in to help. On top of losing everything, the family was really saddened by losing their young daughter Madison's toy horse collections. In the weeks following, the family began to receive a lot of packages to help replace the little one's collection.

Members of the community donated their personal collections. Packages even started arriving from Amazon as well. Now, Madison can rest easy as her new collection has grown to over 200 toy Arabian horses.

Madison's mother Angela is doing her best to turn this into a learning experience and said: "Through this whole process what we've tried to teach her the most is that things can be replaced, but at least we're all okay." The family is currently living in a rental home until they can't figure out what to do next.

Source: ABC 12

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